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We know what you should have and how it should work.

Keep your employees doing what they do best

Do you find that your Managers and Personnel are dealing more with technical and equipment problems rather than leasing units? Your employees are better served filling vacancies, not chasing around the vendors. We can help keep them productive and on track by assuming the technological service and repair roles.

Someone like us is hard to find

FInding a single point vendor in the Apartment Sector who can provide a total turnkey solution is rare. However, our unique expertise is in Apartment Communities positions us to be just that person. 80% of our client base is comprised of Multi-Housing communities, we know what you should have and how it should work.

We have the experience you need

When a water leak is reported, it is a no-brainer, call your maintenance crew. When you have a:

  • Gate line issue
  • Elevator phone is not working
  • Residents wifi is down
  • 911 pool phone is not working
  • Phone system is down
  • Key-Trak system is not connected to the network
  • Have a remodel is planned and you need to move your leasing office to a temporary location
  • Fax machine is not receiving faxes
  • Wires are strewn all across the floor and is a hazard that needs to be corrected

who are you gonna call?

Dan’s Networks has been delivering technology services muli-housing environments for over 15 years and we have built a reputation of delivering results by being the only full spectrum turn-key providers of technological services for your industry. We know what you should have and how it should work.

Property Services

We know Leasing Offices, and do it all!

Examples of what we do:

  • Troubleshoot and install access control and gate systems
  • Assume control of service changes from start to finish
  • Set-up Resident and Office wireless networks
  • Maintain and manage Office and Business PC’s
  • Design and install new construction environments
  • Assist with rebuilding and relocating during renovations
  • Technology overhauls and assessments
  • Security camera assessment and installations
  • Overhead music installations
  • RealPage OneSite and like applications support

Examples of issues we can help with:

  • Residents can’t dial out from gate panel
  • Business PC’s need to be secure from unauthorized changes
  • Telephone line on phone system is not working
  • OneSite software not working correctly
  • Poor wireless signal in hard to reach spots
  • Need to add a speaker to current overhead Music
  • Office is undergoing a remodel and need to relocate office
  • Site is changing Telephone and Internet providers
  • PC/MACs need repair
  • Scan to fax is not working

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