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 How important is your cabling to your network?…


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The success of your network is 100% dependant on your cabling.

Structured cabling is the backbone of any network. It creates the hub for communication across your entire network, bringing all aspects of the business together.

Often overlooked but the most important, you are only as reliable as the slowest or weakest link in your network. Frayed, legacy, compromised, weathered, patched, hazardous, are all words that represent a time to replace or upgrade.

A well designed cabling system is needed to handle the demands of your equipment.

To get the very best from your current or future IT products, it is a must that you need to have a well-designed, reliable and scalable Cat 5e, Cat 6 and/or fiber wiring infrastructure to support your  data and voice applications.

We can design and install any size of structured cabling systems to suit your current level of network traffic and with the expandability to cater for future growth.

Here is a brief example of our offerings in structured cabling:

  • Voice cabling

    • ISP service trunks
    • Telephone/Fax/Modem Analog Lines
    • Multi-line configurations
    • Advanced Telco services
  • Copper cabling

    • Category 5e
    • Category 6
    • RG 6 Coax
    • OSP Outside Plant Grad
  • FIber optic cabling

    • Fiber trunking
    • Single Mode & Multimode Fiber
    • Splicing and Testing Services
    • Trenching / Boring
  • Other services

    • Moves, Adds and Changes
    • Site audits and surveys
    • Communication room cable mgmt
  • Cable fault services

    • Identify, repair or replace cabling faults
    • Repair static, connectivity, shorts on any type of cable
    • Telephone and Internet provider troubleshooting
    • Full spectrum premise cabling troubleshooting
  • Network Room services

    • Architect and design MDF and IDF network rooms
    • Build-out network rooms
    • Relocations of ISP and data/voice services
    • Network room rehab, renovations and repairs
  • Consulting services

    • Consult and survey new construction
    • Survey and plan for complete building coverage
    • Advise and work with Telco/Data Vendors
    • Manage project and installations

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