Volunteer and make a difference.

ARE YOU READY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE? – ITDRC can really use your help!

Volunteering can change your life, and someone else’s.

The main goal of volunteering is to help the largest amount of people, quickly and effectively. Volunteering in your own community will yield useful technical experience to all those in immediate need. Hurricane Harvey in Houston is a prime example of how resources were collectively pooled to provide support.

Volunteer not to benefit you, volunteer to make a difference!

Volunteers see real change as a result of their effort but there is more to it. We change as individuals. Maybe not so noticable from the start but when you volunteer, you are connected to others, you are less absorbed in the normal stress of life.
One of the greatest benefits (aside from helping someone in need) is the people you meet. At the end of the day, you may be giving your time to free but in the end, you will be richly rewarded! Dan’s Networks has teamed up with ITDRC.org to redirect all volunteering resources to their platform. They are organized, assembled and ready for action!